Tuesday, 24 June 2014

An update on Keele's Monthly Script newsletter

One of the resources that team here at Keele delivers as part of our Medicines Optimisation service is the 'Monthly Script' newsletter, which provides readers with a quick update and comment on key developments over the past month that may have an impact on primary care prescribing.

In the past, we used to make our Monthly Script newsletters freely available on-line. However, a decision was taken a few months ago to start restricting access to this newsletter (and to some of our other materials) to only our subscriber CCGs, i.e. those CCGs that currently commission our medicines optimisation services.

Consequently, our blog has been a bit quiet recently!!!!!!

To address this, we have decided that we will start sharing a list of items that we have included in the most recent Monthly Script, which, we hope, may still be of interest to some readers. This list includes links to new guidance, safety updates, news items and evidence that the team at Keele has decided to highlight to our CCGs.

Below is the list for the June Monthly Script newsletter (The eagle-eyed may spot that the new atrial fibrillation guidance from NICE is not included, as this came out after we put this list together!). 

We hope you find it useful!

Best wishes,
The Keele Medicines Optimisation Team

Keele’s June Monthly Script content

Update from NICE:

Safety Update:

National policy and guidance:

Update on UKMI publications:

New resources:

Other news:

Drug Update:


On the horizon:

Highlighted Evidence: