Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another month....another Monthly Script....!

Hello readers!

The August-13 open-access version of our Monthly Script Newsletter has just gone live. 

Included in this month's newsletter are updates from NICE, notably the new guidance on varicose veins (offer less invasive treatments before surgery) and new public health guidance on BMI measurements (extend the application of the lower BMI thresholds of 23 kg/m2 to indicate ‘increased risk’ and 27.5 kg/m2 to indicate ‘high risk’ of type 2 diabetes used in Asian populations also to black African and African-Caribbean populations). 

We were also interested to learn that the European Medical Agency (EMA) is now starting its review of zolpidem - the FDA recently mandated the lowering of recommended doses of zolpidem for some patients, in particular women, due to concerns over next-day effects. 

Some of you may recall the Dispatches Programme broadcast earlier this year on the safety of GLP-1 based therapies for diabetes.  The EMA has now completed its review of GLP-1 therapies, concluding that “presently available data do not confirm recent concerns over an increased risk of pancreatic adverse events with these medicines”. 

In  relation to prescribing data, this month we provide updated estimates of the additional (and substantial!) costs to our subscriber CCGs following divestment of Epanutin, and, prompted by the Advertising Standards Authority recent censure of the Society of Homeopaths, we report on comparative spend of homoeopathy products (interesting variation seen locally).

Hope you find the newsletter of interest!

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